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Best Eyewear Brands To Try in 2024: High Quality and Affordable Options

Eyewear fashion is at its peak in 2024. While everyone is donning their glasses and lenses armed with the latest technology and chic trends, then how can you stay behind? In this comprehensive guide, we will compare some of the best eyewear brands in the market that offer it all – from trendy frames and virtual try-ons to exciting coupons and discounts! Let’s dive in!


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Comparing Best Eyewear Brands in 2024

Warby Parker was started in 2010 and was one of the few best eyewear brands that had a significant impact on the industry. During that time, the most common complaint among buyers trying to purchase eyewear items was that they were simply too pricey. The firm found a way to make its products more affordable by eliminating traditional distribution routes, creating in-house, and interacting directly with customers.

Apart from providing affordable designer eyewear, Warby Parker is well-known for its home try-on program. You can select any five of their best-selling frames and try them at home for free before returning them after five days. This eyeglasses brand also runs social projects such as Buy a Pair, Give a Pair. They have given over 15 million glasses to people in need so far.

This eyewear brand offers a large range to offer. Some products and features worth checking out include:

  • Trendy prescription glasses and sunglasses, both available for home try-on
  • Best contact lenses from top brands with eye exams available
  • Chic accessories like pouches, cases and anti-fog spray to keep your glasses safe and clean
  • Intuitive app that allows easy virtual try-on and comes with personalised measurement tools to measure your Pupillary Distance (PD)

USP: Warby Parker is one of the best eyewear brands, offering an affordable selection of fashion eyewear. It also popularised the home try-on program and donates a pair for every pair purchased to provide vision care globally.

GlassesUSA is on a mission to help people find the perfect pair of glasses. Their Perfect Pair Guarantee ensures you get a 100% refund if unsatisfied, with a 14-day return or exchange. Talking about the actual selection of glasses, GlassesUSA is more thorough with their offerings. Customers can browse 9000+ styles in Blue Light Glasses, Sports & Protective Eyewear, Readers’ glasses, Rimless Glasses and many more. 

GlassesUSA also offers different types of sunglasses, including progressive, clip-ons, polarised and more. If you are in the market for contact lenses, then pick between multifocal/bifocal lenses for various uses. With their easy brand filters, you can find your preferred lenses in just a few clicks. Customers can even maximise their savings using their Vision Insurance at GlassesUSA.

Let’s explore some more offerings by GlassesUSA, one of the best eyewear brands in the market:

  • Virtual try-on tools and Find Your Frame Quiz
  • Advanced lens options for daily, weekly, and monthly use
  • Products by trusted and reliable brands like Bosch+Lomb, Biofinity, Ultra and more
  • Frequent sales, discounts and fast, free shipping
  • USP: GlassesUSA offers a massive catalogue of low-cost prescription glasses and sunglasses from various brands/styles while providing advanced lens options.

    Zenni Optical has been in the market for over 2 decades. Over the years, this eyewear brand has made some significant improvements in its offerings, including the virtual try-on tool. Zenni is particularly famous for having low prices on prescription eyewear. Customers can browse through its extensive selection of safety glasses and shades under various categories. 

    Zenni’s selection is truly commendable! You can find everything, from progressive readers and bifocals to clip-on sets, active eyewear and more. If you are into accessories, then they have trendy eyeglass chains, pouches, wipes, and kits.

    Let’s check out some of its features:

  • Affordable rates – some prescription glasses frames under $10, sunglasses under $25
  • Virtual try-on and lens customisation like blue-light blocking
  • Ultra-low-cost option great for those on a tight budget  
  • Wide range of styles, including rimless, aviator, square, round, and more
  • USP: Zenni Opticals is considered one of the most affordable options, with some frames under $10, making it ideal for those on very tight budgets.

    Eyebuydirect is another socially conscious and no-nonsense brand that has donated over a million pairs of eyewear to people in need. We love how these best eyewear brands take society and sustainability seriously. Eybuydirect even offers eco-friendly collections like 5 to SEE and Nature Harmony, where all their glasses are made from recycled materials. 

    Eyebuydirect’s selection of eyeglasses and sunglasses is worth checking out! Find the perfect pain for men, women and children – that too under $20. When it comes to lenses, Eyebuydirect offers all the options under one roof. From polarised, Blue Light and reading to progressive, bifocal, prism and more!

    Here are some more features that make it one of the best eyewear brands:

  • On-trend, inexpensive prescription glasses and the best sunglasses for women
  • User-friendly website with 3D virtual try-on and styling advice
  • Lens treatments like anti-reflective and impact-resistant coatings
  • Frequent promotions like BOGO offers and first-pair discounts
  • USP: Eyebuydirect offers stylish yet cheap glasses with innovative virtual try-ons, lens treatments, and a seamless online experience.

    FramesDirect.com has been in business since 1996, and it was the first website to provide prescription glasses. The company has had a successful run throughout the years, particularly in terms of eyewear innovation. It claims to be the first online retailer to offer progressive spectacle lenses and prescription sunglasses.

    If you’re seeking the best sunglasses for men and women, FramesDirect.com has top brands like Ray-Ban, Oakley, Gucci, and more. The Price-Match Guarantee is one of the features that distinguish it as one of the greatest eyewear manufacturers. If you find a pair of sunglasses or spectacle frames at a lower price on another website, FramesDirect.com will match it. The sole requirement is that the style number and colour of the two frames be similar.

    Some other features worth checking out include:

  • Large online catalogue of designer eyeglasses, sunglass frames, and lenses
  • Specialises in hard-to-find and unique frames
  • Quality lenses that are scratch-resistant and distortion-free  
  • Ships internationally with an option for lens customisation
  • USP: FramesDirect.com boasts a large inventory of hard-to-find luxury and best eyewear brands and the ability to precisely replicate/replace lenses.

    Glasses is one of the best eyewear brands for premium customers. No one personalises eyecare for you like this brand! Their curated and personalised categories make it easy to pick everyday eyewear that is functional and stylish. They go beyond readers’ glasses and offer options for folks who have a high screen time, love the outdoors, are avid gamers, and are always driving. 

    Using these highly specific categories and filters, you can shop for eyeglasses, sunglasses and lenses from a number of popular brands. From transitions and blue-violet to polarised sun lenses, this eyewear brand has it all.

    Here are some more exciting features that would make you wanna consider Glasses as your one-stop shop for eyewear shopping:

  • Accepts most vision insurance plans, making it easy to save on eyewear products
  • Detailed product info, reviews, and virtual try-on tools
  • Policies like free shipping, returns, and price-matching
  • USP: Glasses offers free shipping, returns, and price-matching, as well as thorough product details and virtual try-ons.

    LensCrafters is a part of EssilorLuxotrica, which has been leading in lens innovation since 1972. The brand understands that every person has a unique lifestyle and, thus, different eyewear needs. This is why they offer a wide range of lenses like transition, blue-violet, prizm, costa, and chromance. 

    Setting up your glass on LensCrafters is a breeze. Just pick a frame from their designer selection and add your prescription. Based on that, they will recommend the most suitable lens to you. Next, you will have to choose the brand, thickness, and treatment of the lens. That’s it!

    Let’s see why LensCrafters can be a good option for you:

  • Traditional retail chain owned by Essilor/Luxottica  
  • Over 1,000 locations with in-person eye exams and fittings
  • Access to designer brands, speciality lenses and coatings
  • USP: Traditional in-person experience at retail locations
    Explanation: Able to get comprehensive eye exams, fittings, and adjustments at over 1,000 retail stores across the country.

    1800 Contacts has been making the vision of millions better since 1995. This headstrong eyewear brand makes sure each and every customer is served with the best possible services. 1800 Contacts has further expanded to offer online prescription renewals via ExpressExam, budget-friendly and safety glasses through Liingo Eyewear, lens replacements with Boomerang, and our ultra-comfortable AquaSoft Daily contact lenses.

    With 1800 Contacts, you can save $130 on average using your vision insurance. As we mentioned, scheduling an online vision exam with ExpressExam is a breeze. In just 10 minutes, you can renew your prescription with the help of experts!

    make this eyewear brand so attractive:

  • Online-only retailer focused on the best contact lenses, glasses, and lens replacement
  • Carries all major brands like Acuvue, Air Optics, Bausch & Lomb
  • Easy reordering with subscription and membership programs
  • Affordable pricing, especially on annual supply orders
  • USP: 1800 Contacts specialises in best contact lenses and has 25 years of experience to back up their expertise. Customers can buy lenses from every major brand with easy reordering and subscription programs.

    Lens.com has been in business for over 29 years and has delivered 711+ million lenses so far! Just like 1800 Contacts, Lens.com specialises in lenses and offers unbeatable prices all year round! With an easy 5-minute ordering process, you can save yourself time and money. And if you face any issues during the entire process, then Lens.com’s dedicated agents will help you out instantly. 

    For your peace of mind, Lens.com employs a 100% Money Back Guarantee. It also offers rebates for major brands like Bausch+Lomb, Alcon, Acuvue, and more. Want to renew your prescription? This eyewear brand has you covered with its easy 5-minute online vision exam.

    Let’s check out some other features offered by Lens.com:

  • Wide selection with quality and lasting lenses by major brands
  • Frequent promotions like rebates, discounts, free shipping
  • Money back guarantee along with easy online vision exam
  • Fast shipping or option to pick up locally
  • USP: Lens.com provides exhaustive details, reviews, and frequent promotions on contact lenses. They are specialists in the industry and make sure that their ordering process is the most seamless in the market.

    39DollarGlasses is a one-of-a-kind eyewear brand. Wondering why? It’s because the brand was developed by eye doctors with years of experience in both retail establishments and private offices. They aimed to offer eyewear products at reasonable prices and not the outrageous rates circulating in the market. 

    Today, 39DollarGlasses.com offers vision care to millions through premium glasses and lenses. They also offer lens replacement glasses, where you just have to list your frame type, enter your Rx and choose a lens package. With fast delivery, free returns, and a 100% Worry Free Guarantee, customers can expect a seamless and unparalleled shopping experience!

    Here are some features worth noticing: 

  • As the name states, very low-cost prescription glasses  
  • Pairs start at $39 with free shipping and returns
  • Lens replacement glasses at affordable prices
  • USP: 39DollarGlasses’s USP is that it is owned by experienced eye experts themselves. The brand offers frames starting at just $39. With frequent discounts and offers, customers can grab even more savings.

    ContactsDirect is another brand that focuses only on the best contact lenses. Customers can use their vision insurance plan to save on their purchases. ContactsDirect is all about maximising the savings of their users. From free shipping to supply savings, they are on their toes to help you save as much as you can. 

    Not to forget their Price Match program; if you find one of their competitors offering lower prices, ContactsDirct will match the price after verification.

    Here are some more features that make this eyewear brand a good option: 

  • Online retailer specialising in all contact lens brands
  • Easy reordering options and subscription services
  • Price Match with free shipping
  • Accepts almost all vision insurance plans
  • USP: ContactsDirect offers consumer-friendly policies like money-back guarantees and rewards. It also offers a robust supply of major contact lens brands.

    Eyeconic was started in 2011 by VSP, a not-for-profit organization! This eyewear brand offers virtual try-ons and lets customers update their prescriptions seamlessly. Customers can browse through hundreds of eyeglasses, sunglasses, and contact lenses. With easy filters, pick a frame based on style, shape, and brand!

    To grab maximum savings, make sure to put your FSA and HSA to use! You can also use your vision insurance and save up to $250. It offers free shipping and returns, making it one of the best eyewear brands you can find in the market.

    Here are some more features:

  • Access to major designer brands and speciality lenses
  • Offers 3D virtual try-on and lens replacement plan  
  • Accept vision insurance and FSA/HSA
  • USP: Eyeconic provides virtual try-on tools and an assortment of premium designer eyewear. It’s one of the best eyewear brands for people who want trendy styles at affordable prices!

    Target’s Target Optical is a great place to shop for premium quality eyeglasses and lenses. Their prices might not seem affordable to all, but they justify the rates through their quality products. Also, their products are made from bio-based materials, promoting sustainability. Their range features everything – from Transitions to blue-violet filtering lenses! 

    The website offers frequent sitewide offers and discounts to make up for the prices. Grab the trendiest pairs from your favourite brands with Target Optical’s special offers. Their easy eye exam booking also makes it easier to renew your prescription.

    Here are some more offerings by this brand:

  • Basic prescription glasses, sunglasses and lenses
  • Convenient option for one-stop shopping at Target
  • Accepts vision insurance and offers multiple offers and discounts
  • USP: Target Optical is one of the best eyewear brands for folks who shop frequently at Target. They offer prescription glasses at mid-range prices from the optical departments within Target retail stores.

    Americas’s Best is part of one of the biggest optical retailers in the US – National Vision. The user interface of this website is pretty clean. They put more focus on providing quality products at affordable prices, instead of focusing on premium styles or trends. When it comes to style and material, there are limited options, but they offer all the essentials so that you can get by easily. 

    As for contact lenses, shop for major brands like Sofmed, Acuvue, Air Optix, Biofinity and more. Users can grab a free eye exam on the purchase of 2 pairs of glasses. With experienced optometrists guiding you, you can rely on them for the best results.

    Here are some highlights of this brand:

  • Over 900 retail stores across the United States
  • Affordable eye exams and basic prescription eyewear
  • Focused on cost savings rather than premium options  
  • USP: America’s Best has over 900 locations and offers affordable eye care services bundled with inexpensive glasses/contacts.

    How to Pick the Best Eyewear Brands in 2024

    Choosing an eyewear brand in 2024 can be difficult with so many alternatives available. Consider these factors when choosing an eyewear retailer for prescription glasses, sunglasses, and contact lenses:

    1. Budget: Set a budget beforehand. Zenni, 39DollarGlasses, and EyeBuyDirect offer affordable glasses, whereas Warby Parker, LensCrafters, and Frames Direct offer a more premium selection.
    2. Selection: If you want highly functional or super trendy glasses, then you need to have a wide selection to pick from. Glasses.com and LensCrafters are some of the best eyewear brands that provide the latest designer labels and frame styles. 
    3. Lens Types: For speciality lenses like progressives, transitions, or blue light filtering, stick to optical specialists like Eyeconic or major brands, ensuring proper customisation.
    4. Service Levels: Decide if you prefer an online-only experience with virtual try-ons or in-person fittings and exams at a physical optical store. Best eyewear brands like Warby Parker offer both options.
    5. Extras: Look for perks like free shipping, returns, price matching, warranties, and subscription ordering to maximise value. 

    By weighing priorities like budget, brands, customisation needs, digital vs in-person services, and auxiliary benefits, you can pinpoint the eyewear brand that provides the right glasses, sunglasses, and contact lens solutions for you in 2024.

    How We Review the Best Eyewear Brands

    With so many eyewear stores, we research and test the best eyewear brands to assist consumers in finding the appropriate match for their needs and budgets. This is our review process:

    Brand Analysis

    We dive deep into each retailer’s offerings, including the range of frames/lenses, available customisations, pricing structures, special promotions, and unique policies like warranties and subscriptions.

    User Feedback

    Our reviews incorporate real user feedback from trusted sources across the web, assessing satisfaction with product quality, value, return processes, prescription accuracy, and overall customer experiences. We monitor responses over time to gauge consistency.

    Site/App Evaluations

    The online ordering journey is crucial, so we provide hands-on usability testing and expert analysis of each brand’s website and mobile apps. We examine aspects like navigation, digital vision tools, product visualisation, checkout processes, and account management capabilities.

    Cost Comparisons

    We compare the prices for common prescription glasses, sunglasses, contact lenses, and associated services across brands to identify the true budget leaders and top values.

    With comprehensive data analysis and review of the best eyewear brands, we strive to provide the most complete, authoritative reviews and recommendations when it comes to choosing eyewear in 2024.


    There you have it – the best eyewear brands in 2024 are taking the industry by storm. It was definitely a tough comparison as each brand specialises in something different. From offering a wide selection at affordable prices to employing the latest technologies and creating user-centric policies, these brands are neck and neck. While there are many eyewear brands, the one right for you will ultimately depend on your unique personal needs!


    There is no definitive “best” brand overall, as it depends on your priorities like budget, style preferences, lens needs, and shopping experience. However, top-quality brands to consider include Warby Parker, Zenni Opticals, Oakley, and Liingo Eyewear by Eyeconic.

    Look at brands like LensCrafters, FramesDirect, and Glasses.com for a large variety of fashionable, designer eyeglass frames. They feature well-known brands like Prada, Oakley, Ray-Ban, and more.

    Retailers like LensCrafters, Visionworks, and private opticians use lenses from these premium optical lens makers:

    • Essilor (Varilux, Crizal, Transitions)
    • ZEISS
    •  Hoya

    – Nikon